Caring for Metal Products

With regular care and maintenance, your furniture will provide years of superior performance and satisfaction. To maintain the finish quality of your product, please follow the cleaning procedures provided below. The instructions for the care and maintenance of products are provided to you as a service. No warranty is implied since results may vary. Finishes - Plated Metals (chrome, Polished steel) normal cleaning • Wash coated metal surfaces with a soft cloth soaked in detergent and warm water; rinse thoroughly and dry. • Remove scuff marks from low-gloss coatings with pre-softened paste wax, following the manufacturer’s instructions. • Remove scuff marks and scratches from high-gloss coatings using automotive polishing compounds, either liquid or paste. • After polishing, apply a pre-softened automotive paste wax to restore original sheen. Do not use abrasive, acid, alcohol–based, or solvent–based cleaners; they may damage the paint finish. for assistance in determining the appropriate colour and gloss for touch-up paint, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance. Helpful Tip: Never place hot items directly on a metal or glass surface. If your floor or carpet is wet for any reason, place protective pads under all of the legs until the area is completely dry. Do not allow over spray of glass cleaners to mist onto metal surfaces. Applicable for all metal furniture. Finishes - Painted metal (Powder coating) Powder coating is a technique for some metal frames finishes. A powder-coated surface is durable, requires little upkeep and is less likely to rust indoors. normal cleaning • Wash with a soft cloth and a mixture of a mild detergent and warm water; wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth. • For spot cleaning, spray with Fantastik®, 409®, or Kleerdex Company’s Kleer Off General Purpose Cleaner and wipe until dry with a clean, soft cloth. • To clean metal marring, use a product call ZUD, which will remove the metal marring without changing the gloss or colour of your powder coated metal product. Do not use abrasive, alcohol-based, or solvent-based cleaners; they may damage the surface. Avoid the following types of cleaning agents: lysol cleaners, abrasive cleaners (soft scrub, comet, etc.), and acetone based cleaners. Finishes - rustic iron Due to its slightly coarse texture, rustic iron can sometimes catch and hold extra dust and dirt. Rustic iron cleaning can be done straightforwardly with just a few materials. normal cleaning • Fill a bucket or spray bottle with warm water. If you are cleaning large items such as rustic iron furniture, a bucket may work best. For smaller items, a spray bottle may be more useful. • Add a mild soap such as dish washing liquid or household cleaner. You may find vinegar works best. A good ratio for dish soap is 1 tbsp. (5 ml) of mild soap to 1 qt. (946 ml) of water. If using a household cleaner, use 1/4 cup (59 ml) to 1/2 gallon (1892 ml) of water. For vinegar, use 1/2 cup (118 ml) to 1/2 gallon (1892 ml) of water. • Soak a sponge or wash cloth in the water if you are using a bucket. If you are using a spray bottle, spray the sponge or cloth with your cleaning solution until thoroughly dampened. • Wipe the rustic iron in a circular motion, working in small sections at a time, removing all excess dirt or dust. Re-dampen the sponge or cloth as necessary. • Rinse the sponge or cloth thoroughly to remove all the cleaning solution. • Wipe down the wrought iron again with the clean water, making sure to rinse the sponge or cloth frequently. Dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.