About Us



Our mission at Decorium is to provide the highest level of service possible at all levels of our operation, from sales through delivery and beyond. We recognize that by doing this we will achieve our goal of helping our customers achieve the beautiful home they desire, and improve their quality of life. While always focusing on our customers, we wish to provide an environment for our employees that is fair, supportive and that provides an opportunity for them to achieve their own personal goals.



Decorium was founded in July 1986. The original showroom was approximately 2500 square feet. It was originally open only to the design trade and not open to the public. We offered beautiful imported furniture and accessories from around the world. The most prestigious interior designers from Canada found their hidden treasures in our showroom.

Our business was growing! We were importing beautiful chairs, chests, armoires and accent pieces from Italy, Spain, U.S. and Asia. We needed to expand. We doubled our size to 5000 square feet and quickly developed a reputation for having some of the most beautiful and unique home furnishings in Canada.

During the next several years, we began to have more and more members of the general public wanting to purchase our product. The demand became too great to ignore! They wanted Decorium and we obliged!

We opened to the public in 1992 and to this day, we continue to grow! We have expanded today to 100,000 square feet of beautiful home furnishings. We have continued to be the leaders when it comes to value, style, and selection. We are famous for our ability to constantly change and have new and fresh products in our showroom weekly. As we continue to change, we invite you to experience a unique way of shopping for home furnishing at Decorium.